Butt Attack

The groggy effects of Butt Attack.


The Butt Attack is one of the combat moves in the game Lollipop Chainsaw, unlockable by purchasing it in the Chop2Shop.zom store.

This move has Juliet turn and kick off from the ground, leading with her butt, to strike any zombie in her path. A comical "BOING" sound is played as she does so.

Performance and UsefulnessEdit

It is performed by holding the X button (on Xbox 360) or Square button (on PS3) for about a half second before releasing.

Butt Attack will instantly render any zombie struck by it, except bosses, groggy (for a shorter duration than from regular strikes), and ready for decapitation. However, if you fail to hit a zombie, Juliet will instead fall to the ground, vulnerable.

This move can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, the utility of this move in dispatching tougher zombies (ex; named, health bars) in a matter of seconds cannot be overstated, if eliminating these enemies takes precedence over getting a combo.

However, this move is unforgiving in the accuracy department, as, if your aim is even slightly off, Juliet will sail past the intended target and fall prone to the ground, leaving you vulnerable for about a second as she recovers. This makes Butt Attack a dangerous gamble when fighting more than a few zombies, where its usefulness is limited anyway, since this move only strikes three zombies at most, and the stun duration is limited.