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The Fulci Fun Center is the local video arcade in San Romero. Josey entered the area and infected the players, transforming them into zombies.


The Game DimensionEdit

A majority of the minigames occur primarily during this dimension. In this area, Juliet and Nick will be sent into a virtual world, where they become part of it when their skin starts to become a digital overlay. They enter this dimension when the player starts to use mysterious arcade games. Various zombies and enemies will appear here to challenge the player using classical video games. Once the player has completed a challenge they can leave and return to the Fulci Fun Center.


In appearance it resembles that of an retro-classic arcade game, with a Diamond Vision marquee screen being displayed as a video screen. The Fulci Fun Center is unique in its frequent homages to real-world arcade games, as well as bright neon hues, unlike many of the other levels in Lollipop Chainsaw which are dependant mostly on natural lighting. The Fulci Fun Center provides numerous types of entertainment to its patrons, such as the infrequently placed arcades and dance rooms.


The player will first encounter Geeky Zombie players, interacting with the various aracades, in which the player must defeat in order to progress. Once the player defeats the zombies, they will encounter a student that is being followed by zombies from an elevator. Once saved or having defeated all the zombies the player must enter the elevator, which will introduce them to a series of new minigames. As the player progresses towards the roof of the building they will find zombies that are constantly dancing to a beat. Once they get to the roof, the player will meet Josey and a boss battle will begin. 




Concept ArtEdit


  • The location is named after famed Italian horror and suspense movie director Lucio Fulci (b.1927–d.1996). He made the zombie movie City of the Living Dead (1980) and Zombi (1979).

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