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Welcome to the Gallery Divider, a page simplifier for users searching for important images that already exist but are difficult to find. User will be given the freedom to use this page, to help find images that exist in order to either publish them in Gallery of an article or edit the summary and/or navigation of the image.


Administrators, Bureaucrats, Staff Members and the Founder are the only members that are permitted to edit or update this page. This page will be constantly update each month to check on the page change in the photo gallery. 

If by any chance the page were to conceive edits by an either an Anonymous User or Contributor, all edits must be reported to local or active admins of the Wikia. Vanadlous edits by an Adminastrator should be immediately reported reported to a bureacrat, to have the abusive Adminastrator stripped of his or her Admin privileges. 

Image modifications

If a user wishes to modify an image, they must be cautious and hesistant whether the edit will be helpful or non-helpful to the Wikia. User are allowed to add categories to images. If by any chance a user believes that a new category must be made, they must inform a local or active admin, and explain why they believe that such a new catebory should exist.

If a user believes that an image needs to be replaced this edit must also be informed to local or active admins as well, as the contributor may be replacing an image with a much lower quality image. If vandalism were to occur, the user will be warning-blocked in turn to the Wikia rules and will not be able to further edit to the Wikia. 

Wikia Help

If a user would like to find an image, but is still having difficulty finding it, they can submit their question down below in the comment section or go to Forum for more questions. If the already existing image is in some particulary category, the user can look at the list below, and click on the link for their desired image. 

Afterwards they can find what they need and modify it as they please (as long as it is productive, appropriate and helpful to the Wikia). If Admins are still not able to discover the desired image, there is a slight possibility that the image may not exist. If so you or the admin will be obliged to submit a new image to Gallery. (Remember to add Categories for proper navigation). 

Popular Categories

Popular Categories
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