Juliet Outfits

A menu of Juliet's various outfits

Alternate Costumes

Juliet's RoomEdit

There are other outfits that can be unlocked by purchasing them in-game at a Chop2Shop.zom market stand and selected by going through the closet in Juliet's room at her house.

Name - Description Upon Purchase
  • Sexy American Casual - For special occasions, Juliet pulls out her halter top and Daisy Dukes.
  • American Cheerleader Costume - A cheer outfit that would make the founding fathers proud... and aroused.
  • Purple Pride Uniform - A new take on the San Romero cheerleader outfit. Slightly more subdued.
  • Date Night Costume - The skirt is just the right length to keep him interested.
  • Bunny Costume - Dress Juliet up like her favorite stuffed rabbit. Cuter than a button!
  • Crash Helmet - For the girl that want safety along with sexiness.
  • Cordelia's Costume - Get fashion in your sights, then snipe it in the face. Denim with leather accents.
  • Rosalind's Costume - A bit of party girl mixed with punk sets this ensemble off.
  • Dad's Costume - Look like a veteran zombie hunter and a rock and roll legend with these duds.
  • Mom's Costume - Juliet's mom's threads are sexy no matter who wears them.
  • Busujima Saeko Costume - Sexy schoolgirl outfit with a zombie-hunting twist. Popular in Japan.
  • Haruna Costume - Pink, frilly outfit with an old-world taste. Cute AND sexy.
  • Shiro Costume - Form fitting yet breathable. A girl's gotta be in shape to pull this clingy outfit off.
  • Manyuu Chifusa Costume - All the buxom samurai girls love to be seen in this warrior attire.
  • Miyamoto Rei Costume - A slightly conservative school outfit that still shows a bit of skin.
  • Striped Bikini - Here comes Summer! A very cute, sexy and colorful bikini.
  • Sexy Seashell Bikini - This extremely rare item doesn't leave much to the imagination.
  • Japanese Maid Costume - Juliet tries Akihabara fashion in this Japanese maid outfit with knee highs and frilled skirt.
  • Sexy Rider Suit - Fits Juliet in all the right places. Possibly painted on.

Japanese VersionEdit

Lollipop Chainsaw Anime Cosplay skins

Anime Cosplay skins

In the Japanese version, there are DLC costumes for Juliet that are based on various anime, mainly horror-themed ones such as High School of the Dead and Deadman Wonderland.

All costumes included in the Japanese version as DLC are available in the regular Warner Bros. release upon beating the game. They are unlocked for purchase at Chop2Shop.zom after beating the game once on any difficulty.

Anime OutfitsEdit

Pre-Order Bonus DLCs (North American Version Only)Edit

These were the pre-order bonus costumes for Juliet under their corresponding store. Pre-Order BonusesEdit

  • "Rockabilly outfit" (refered to as "Pin-Up" in-game and inspired by Pin-Up Model Bettie Page)
  • Goth Girl outfit

Best Buy Pre-Order BonusesEdit

  • Foxy Funk outfit
  • Goth Girl outfit

GameStop Pre-Order BonusesEdit

GameStop's offerings are very "Rule 63".

  • Little Jimmy Urine costume (frontman for Mindless Self Indulgence)
  • Ash Williams costume (Evil Dead)

Alternate Skins GalleryEdit

Basic SkinsEdit

Advanced SkinsEdit

DLC Skins (USA)Edit


  • Jessica Nigri, the official cosplayer for Lollipop Chainsaw, was asked to change or leave PAX East for wearing the "Sexy Rider" outfit. It was deemed inappropriate for the convention.
  • The "Foxy Funk" outfit resembles Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers in: Goldmember.
  • Many of the unlockable costumes you see in the game were designed by anime High School of the Dead artist-Shouji Satou.
  • In the outfits that have skirts/dresses it is notable to see that Juliet only wears shorts under them.
  • In the Japanese version, the Sexy Rider Suit and Sexy Seashell Bikini were exclusive to Xbox 360, while the Striped Bikini and Japanese Maid Outfit were exclusive to Playstation 3.
  • The Pre-Order DLC outfits are actually on the disc, but can only be accessed if the player has the DLC codes, or figures out a way to hack the game.
  • Even though Juliet says "Welcome to my bedroom" when the player goes to the costume selection menu, it is very obvious that she is in her bathroom, because a sink, toilet, and bathtub can be seen in the background.