Nick Zombie
Blue Headless Zombie Minigame


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Zombie Basketball

Nick Zombie is a minigame that is activated by placing Nick's head onto a blue headless zombie. This minigame allows Nick to temporarily have the control of a zombie body, which allows for Juliet to clear some paths.


The Nick Zombie Minigame is discovered, when Juliet and Nick were looking for an alternative route after a school bus caused parts of the school to collapse. Their they found a headless blue zombie (possibly a Hazmat) and Nick was introduced by Juliet to the minigame. 

The player must attach Nick's head unto the headless by pressing A on Xbox 360 or X on Playstation 3, and the player will then play as Nick. The player must repeatedly press certain key buttons in order for Nick to progress. During each succesful transaction, a firework effect appears, creating the outline of Nick's face while Juliet cheers the player. Once the minigame is complete, Nick's head will jump off of the body and land back to Juliet's belt. 





  • This minigame currently does not have any known references. 


  • The Blue Headless Zombie will use different character models based on different stages.
  • If the player fails one of these segments, it will play the Default Game Over screen, which is odd because Juliet did not die.

Tips Edit

  • Be wary of the button patterns that will randomly appear on the screen.
  • Time yourself before making contact with a button. 

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